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About Me


   Hi! My name is Ashling. I was born in Russia in 1998 and have given the world no peace since. In 2020, I graduated with a 1st Degree Honours in BA (Hons) Film & Television from the University of the Arts, London. The same year, COVID-19 shut down the world and I decided to use my filmmaking skills to post dumb jokes on TikTok.

   I'm currently reading for a MSt in Creative Writing at Oxford and satisfying my love for telling stories. Click over to my portfolio to view and subscribe to see more of my works! You can also follow my Instagram to check out my short poems. 


   Anyway, welcome to my website! I hope you have fun browsing through the tabs.  Here's a picture of me on a boat.


These Penguin Classic-esque dust jackets fit the standard paperback editions of both of these books. When printing, please make sure it's set to 100% scale-wise. Have fun!

This is a PDF of the "Teamwork makes the dream work..." T-Shirt graphic. You can also get this t-shirt from my RedBubble (linked as SHOP above!)

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