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Interested in my past work? This section is divided into two parts—writing and

film—to best acquaint you with me and my creative history. You can find more up-to-date log of my projects on my social media, found at the bottom of this page.



A New Adult Novel

When the accidental overdose of a TikTok star  goes viral, the hedonistic lives of her housemates spiral out of control.

[currently in the Drafting Phase]

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Historical Drama TV Pilot (55 pages)

The crew of the RMS Carpathia battle icy waters, secrecy, and sabotage in their bid to reach the sinking Titanic on time.

Winner - TSL Screenplay Contest 2022

Semifinalist - Atlanta Film Fest Screenplay Competition 2021

Semifinalist - ScreenCraft TV Pilot Content 2021

Top 3% of projects on Coverfly


Are Books Still a Community?

Article for the Italian Review (LINK)

"Long-gone are the days where we waited for stuffy adult critics to drop the verdict on literature. Nowadays, the kids are in the drivers’ seat."

An opinion piece about the BookTok community.

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